Q?Why Network Management Solutions?

Network Management Solutions, Inc. focuses on your business to deliver the highest level of performance from your computer network so you can focus on patient care. The management team has over 60 years of healthcare industry experience working with physician practices and hospitals throughout the United States. 90% of our business is in the healthcare industry so we are HIPPA Compliant and have worked with a lot of the Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Providers in the industry.

Q?Why do I need to monitor my network servers?

It is about being proactive. Your server(s) store critical information..critical to your office and your patients. Monitoring your server is a critical part of ensuring you and your patient have access to that data in a timely manner. We proactively monitor your disk drive, RAM, processors, network devices, print spoolers, etc. In many cases resolving computer issues before you even know they are a issue.

Q?Why would I manage my Server(s) and PCs?

Managing the server(s) and PCs allows Network Management Solutions, Inc. to update software patches, antivirus and spyware this ensures you have a safe environment to work in to secure private information.

Q?Why would I need a offsite backup solution?

As Data requirement grow and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems improve data storage is critical and disaster recovery solutions will be required. We provide offsite backup solutions which store your data on a device in your office and at our data center. Backups run each hour to ensure you have the most updated data when needed.

  • Your files are automatically backed up every hour over the internet. HIPPA Compliant – No more rotating and storing tapes – one more important item off your to-do-list.
  • Your data is safe from fire, floods, storms, viruses, hackers, hardware malfunctions and human error.
  • You can backup ALL your data and not be limited to the size of your tape drive.
Q?Why would I need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

With your backup safely off-site, we can restore your data in case of a disaster such as>

  • Hardware failure on your server(s)
  • Hardware failure at your site , such as routers, switches or other network loss
  • Loss of your information from fire, flood or other natural disasters
Q?Why would I ever need Continuity of my Business?

If your building becomes uninhabitable due to disaster we have you covered. We have the ability to bring your server(s) up virtually in our Data Center. We can then give you access to your data remotely. Once your building has been repaired, we can restore your data on the replacement server(s) or existing server(s) in your building.

  • Secure access to your data
  • Work continues remotely
  • Updated data restored to new or existing server(s) when building(s) are repaired