I am writing this to give a reference for Network Management Solutions. I have been an IT Manager for over a decade. We use Network Management Solutions to help with a myriad of Computer & Network issues: from monitoring, troubleshooting and onsite help as needed. All of the staff is very professional and more importantly are available 24/7. Working in a medical office, this “around the clock” availability is an absolute necessity. I could give an endless list of times that the staff has been there to help as fast as a phone call and drive time. You couldn’t ask for better service. They would get a 5 out of 5 star rating from me.

IT Manager

Network Management Solutions allows us to have the most knowledgeable IT resources just a phone call away. There has never been an IT application or product that they could not help implement and more than once being more knowledgeable and helpful than the vendor with their own product. Having Network Management Solutions on our team has given us the confidence to keep growing as a business and in regards to technology been responsible for the healthcare success we are today.


IT Manager